Monday, March 21, 2011

SEND BULK intriguing prices

Introducing a breath-taking new offer:

Your Cheapest, Easiest and Fastest Way to send Text Messages to individuals and groups from internet to mobile phones of any network.

The most popular technology tool. . . far more pervasive than the internet, is cellular technology (mobile/GSM phone). It is currently estimated 4 out of 10 Nigerians over the age of 13 has a cell phone. The cell phone has continued to offer multiple ways of communication in the hands of the user. By using the text messaging capabilities in every cell phone, organization/business outfit can reach out and communicate directly with their clients, and potential clients. Tsof Enterprises provides you an SMS link which allows messages to be sent to a target audience like business group, family members, church members and so on.

Features of TSOF SMS (Short Messaging Service)
  • Easy web interface that makes sending of message convenient from the comfort of your home or office through internet
  • Cheap Price and multiple plans
  • Messages can be queued and sent at a pre-determined date and time
  • Messages can be resent any number of times
  • Comes with a Phone Book to store regular phone numbers and multiple groups can be created for different purposes
  • Message can be flashed to recipient to force them to read it instantly
  • The name of sender can be automatically set to give identity to the message
  • Message delivery report to confirm messages have been successfully delivered
  • Ability to send messages to multiple recipient
  • Flat rate irrespective of network of the recipient of the message
  • Regular notification of status of SMS credit balances so that you don't even run out of credit
  • More than 120 countries and 600 networks covered
  • Multiple payment options to renew accounts (Bank Payment, Cash, EGP etc)
  • Technical Support
  • Admin Support Service provided at a nominal fee if you want Tsof to upload and send messages on your behalf
Benefit to the Users include:
  • Instant messaging: SMS delivers messages instantly to recipient unlike other means of online communication such as email, forums etc
  • Unlimited reach: Millions of people can be reached simultaneously with the aid of SMS technology provided at their mobile phone numbers in your data base
  • No barrier to location: there are no barrier to geographical location. SMS can be targeted to anyone or persons in any part of the world
  • Targeted Reach: Information sent by SMS must be read

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