Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It is really scary to find yourself in financial emergency, but possibility of bankruptcy can be scarier for people. But as per the experts, bankruptcy is not something to be scared about. Bankruptcy information plays an important role in order to educate people and eliminate the myths attached with this financial service. Experts found very interesting fact about the people, debtors feel ashamed while asking too many questions about the procedure. And as a result, they don't have courage to enjoy benefits of this financial services provided by government.

It is very important to have correct information of bankruptcy because this financial step can change the life of individual or business forever. The first information about the process is that the court never asks sn individual or business to file bankruptcy. Everybody is free to make the decision. By filing a simple petition debtor informs court that he/she is filing for bankruptcy process. This simple petition form helps court to check the credit history of debtors, also helpful to list the number of creditors and outstanding total debts. People can hire a bankruptcy attorney in order to get complete detail. Many debtors do not hire these professionals because it can make the procedure more costly for them.

Debtors do not need to acquire complete information about the bankruptcy, because it can create more confusion. One biggest misconception about the process is, all possessions or repossessed are taken by the court. Individual should be clear about the situation and results, so that he/she can apply for the bankruptcy chapters accordingly.

If you are thinking of filing for insolvency then I am sure you are not completely aware about the complete bankruptcy information. In this article I'm going to provide complete bankruptcy information and then you can decide whether to go for insolvency or not.

Bankruptcy is just like any law suit. You go to the court of law and make the judge believe that you have no money to pay to the creditor and you require relief. The judge accepts your plea and you get freedom from all liability issues in one go. The advantage is that you get complete relief from liability without paying a penny.

The advantages may seem very favorable to any debtor but one should know that with such great advantage come huge consequences. Firstly the credit rating of an insolvency filer gets negatively affected. It is so negatively affected that creditor feel uncomfortable in providing a loan to such a person in future. Even if they get the guts to provide loan they ask for higher interest rates and deposits and give very less time to repay the loan amount.

Another disadvantage of filing bankruptcy is that now day's employers are reviewing credit reports before providing employment. Employers hesitate in providing jobs to a bankruptcy filer and even if they do, they try to get extra work out of him and pay him less money. They try to exploit his financial situation.

If you have no money left or a small chunk of money to pay back to the creditors then you can solve your liability issues through liability settlement. Liability settlement is a process through which one can eliminate about 60 to 70% of the loan amount by negotiating with their creditors. The creditors even award the debtor with more time to repay the loan amount and they even discount the rate of interest charged on the remaining loan amount.

Both the debtors and the creditors support this method as debtors get complete freedom from liability amount by paying a small percentage of the original loan amount and creditors get back some part of the money back which they do not get if the debtor files bankruptcy. Although the credit rating of the debtor gets negatively affected by the usage of liability settlement method but creditors do not hesitate in providing loan to this kind of person as he at least made the effort of paying some part of the money back.

Those who do not have complete bankruptcy information or are only aware of the advantages of insolvency, use this method other wise debtors mostly choose liability settlement.

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