Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Many guys are frustrated about being single, and unable to get a girlfriend at all! In order to get a girlfriend, you need to know how a woman feels.

If you think that a woman feels the same way as a guy, you are wrong. Many guys fall into the trap of being single, not because they are ugly, but because they do not understand how a woman think and feel.

So are you the guy who does not know how to approach a girl? Or are you the guy who does not know how to ask her to be your girlfriend?

If you do not take any action, then you will not have a girlfriend! Many women would not risk confessing their love for you, so you need to know how to find a girlfriend.

Now, what if you already have a female friend, whom you want as a girlfriend? Perhaps you went out together for a few dates, but are you wondering if she is seeing you as a boyfriend or just another male friend?

Well, if a woman is willing to go out with you alone, and appears flirty, then she is likely to see you as a potential boyfriend. So what do you need to do?

It is likely that she wants you to confess to her, and kiss her. If she does not see you as a boyfriend, why would she bother to go out with you? She is just waiting for you to hold her hands.

Of course, not all women are looking for a boyfriend. Some women are just looking for companions. Rather than guessing how she feels, you should let her know your feelings for her, and see if she wants to take the friendship to the relationship level.

If she rejects you, she is either not ready or is not interested in you. If it is the latter, it is advisable to move on! Do not try any harder, as it will just make you look desperate and lose your charm.

There is one thing to remember, when a woman sees you as a friend, she will never see you as a boyfriend. In other words, as long as you fall into the friend zone, you can never upgrade to be her boyfriend.

Women will never have sex with their friends, as they will suffer from the guilt, and the fear of the loss of friendship.

But come to think of it, in order to be her boyfriend, you need to be sexually interested in her. The same applies to the woman. If she does not see you as a person that she can have sex with, she will not think of you as a potential boyfriend.

Most women are unlikely to have sex without love. Women are not like men, who can have sex without even knowing the woman.

Thus, in order to get a girlfriend, you need to know how a woman feels, so that you can work towards getting her as a girlfriend. I look forward to your success love story.