Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This menace among teens is mainly due to recklessness and haste. Life is a roll for teens and driving as well as texting while driving a fun-filled affair. No matter how urgent it is, TWD is deadly, regardless of how fast or good you are at it. It just takes a fraction of a second for things to go wrong. Your single sms could take yours as well as someone's life. App. like text to speech, text to voice will ensure safe driving because they not only read text messages but even reply while you are on the road.

Is a sms more worthy than your life? Is it worth loosing life over a sms? You are inviting death if you are texting while driving or taking a call while behind the wheel. Remember life cannot be restored once lost. Do not get swayed, tempted even if your co-drivers encourages you to do so because texting while driving is a crime. The least you can do is get safe driving app installed on your hands free cell phone to prevent accidents. The application helps you to stay steady and focused while driving as all incoming messages will be read aloud by the application. The application allows you to listen to text messages and therefore facilitates safe driving.

Texting is an addiction for many. There are many of us who lead busy lives and value time. They wish to make optimal use of the time on hand which is of course admirable, but that does not mean you squeeze in some time to send a text while driving. The saying "Doing something is better than doing nothing" does not apply while driving. When you are driving you are already doing something, so why do additional tasks like TWD. Things can go wrong, so why take a chance?

However, if you can't get over the addiction, engage a driver or consider applications which will ensure your safety. These apps prevent distracted driving as it reads text messages aloud when you are on the road.

Researches reveal that unlike computers, human mind is incapable of multitasking. Incoming sms and calls while driving diverts concentration and blurs the vision and this could put your life to risk. Imagine what could happen if your hand held speech device slips out of your hand while texting messages in the car and you bend down to pick it up. Apart from losing focus your entire position of the body gets disturbed - this is the best example of dangerous driving which is the major cause of disasters. SMS by speech works as an alternate for TWD. SMS by speech enables you to listen to sms instead of reading it, so get one installed today