Saturday, February 12, 2011

You Can Do It Yourself (Avenues to Wealth)

The World's Most Exciting
Travel and Cash Rewards
System Has Officially Launched!

Contact: GOLD USENEKONG | Mobile: +2348163544249 | Email:
In just 10 weeks of starting people from more than 43 countries became members of Holidays and Cash, an Exclusive International Company providing access to resort and hotel accommodation, cruises and vacations at VERY discounted rates, offering the potential to save thousands of dollars on the cost of future vacations!
By simply sharing this great news with others you can qualify for FREE LUXURY VACATIONS and CASH REWARDS to spend on anything you desire!
In fact the cash rewards on offer can grow into a
weekly income with life changing possibilities!
  • Enjoy the vacations you dream of rather than the ones you can afford
  • Make a life of being on permanent vacation and helping others achieve the same
  • Create weekly cash rewards with global potential
  • Earn life changing income with NO monthly fees and NO recurring monthly purchases
  • Qualify for FREE luxury retreats in exotic locations up to 4 times a year
People with vast experience created a rewards
system revolutionising the travel industry

Members are earning $1,500+ in their first
week and growing it to $5,000+ a week!
Imagine kicking back in a luxury 5 star resort with people running around looking after your every whim, with money to enjoy what you want to eat and drink, taking any tour you desire, having a massage or a totally pampering session at the spa, or whatever your heart desires!
What if, you could enjoy dream vacations, earn life changing weekly income, and get started with NO risk to what you are doing right now. . . Join us in making the next year the time you and your family take a dream vacation.
If this sounds like music to your ears, stop dreaming and let us help you make those long awaited vacations a reality PLUS we’ll help you qualify for weekly cash rewards that could be life changing!
To find out if this program is for YOU simply answer the three questions below:
  1. Would you like to access substantial discounts on hotels, cruises, and vacations?
  2. Would you like your dream vacations paid for through a simple cash rewards program?
  3. Do you know of at least 2 other people who would answer YES to question 1 and 2?
If you answered YES then ACT quickly and make that luxury vacation and cash a reality!
Contact: GOLD USENEKONG | Mobile: +2348163544249 | Email: