Monday, April 4, 2011

PROMO!!!!!!!!!!!!! PURCHASE YOUR Avenues To Wealth Privilege Pack for just ...................

2 Weeks Promotion - Mid Entry Privilege Pack
This promo has been in plan for the last 4 months, and we are glad to announce to you that it's now available to Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana. . . the promo is a time limited offer and will last from April 4 to April 17 2011.
The Promo "Mid Entry" Privilege Pack gives you:
  • access to the privilege pack for 9 months without further upgrade
  • an opportunity to earn from fast start, binary and matching bonus pools towards upgrade
  • access to earn full rewards as soon as upgrade is complete
  • access to upgrade with earnings, ewallet or a top up voucher
  • access to everything in the privilege pack except the complimentary trips until upgrade is done
  • total upgrade will round up to $350
The great news is, you can become a bonafide distributor and privilege pack owner with just N35,000 only!
This is a great opportunity for people who have been asking to pay twice or for cheaper options. Now you can be a part of Avenues to Wealth with just N35,000. This is an exciting development and we should all make the most of it!
While the Promo is on, the normal privilege packs will also be on sale.(avenues to Wealth)
 Call: 08072694341