Monday, June 6, 2011


Items                                                                    Prices
Cat 6 AMPN10,000
Cat 5 AMPN5,000
100 meters AMPN2,200
Cat 5N10,000
Cat 6N18,000
Cat 5N5,500
Cat 6N10,000
Laptop MemoryPublic Price
2GB DDr2N6,000
DDr3 2GBN7,500
Outdoor RadiosPublic Price
Power Station 5- EXTN30,000
Nano Sation 5N15,000
Nano Sation 2N12,000
AntennaPublic Price
LOHUS Omini directional Antenna 5dbiN16,500
Bullet with POE AdapterN18,000
ToolsPublic Price
3 Pin Crimping toolsN800
2 Pin Crimping toolsN600
Double face plate Systimax completeN400
Single face plate Systimax completeN300
R J 45 connectorsN2,300
Computer AccessoriesPublic Price
Pinless FanN500
Pin FanN500
Keyboard (USB)N750
Optical MouseN300

 Software Public Price
3 user bit defender Antivirus N5,000
1 user bit defender N2,500
3 User Kapersky Anti virus N6,000
1 User Kapersky Anti virus N3,000
3 user bit defender Antivirus Internet security N7,000
1 user bit defender Antivirus Internet security N4,500
Desktop Memory Public Price
DDR 3 2GB N7,500
DDR3 1GB N4,500
DDR2 2GB N6,500
DDR 1GB N5,000
512MB N2,200
Switches Public Price
D-Link 8 port N2,000
D-Link 16 port N6,000
D-Link 24 port N7,000
Link sys 5 port N4,000
Link sys 8 port N5,500
Link sys 16 port N10,000
Link sys 24 port N16,500
3COM 8 port N4,500
3COM 16 port N8,000
3COM 24 port N10,000
Routers Public Price
Link Sys wireless routers 120N N9,000
Link Sys wireless routers 160N N15,000
54GL Broadband wireless Router with double Antenna N12,000
Link sys wireless access point N11,000
D-Link 3G Router N31,000
D-Link wireless 150 Router with one Antenna N10,000
D-Link wireless N Router with double Antenna N11,000
D-Link wireless Access point N11,000
Headset N1,000
Game pad N1,200
Monitor N25,000
External Hard disk 250G N11,000
4U N16,000
6U N17,000
9U N22,000
12U N27,000
16U N40,000
22U(6*6) N65,000
22U(6*8) N75,000
27U N76,000
32U N95,000
42U N110,000
D-Link Wireless USB Adapter N4,500
D-Link Wireless PCI Card 150N N4,000
D-Link Wireless Access Point N11,000
Linksys Wireless USB Adapter N5,000
Linksys Wireless Access Point N12,000
Linksys Wireless G Router with Antenna T Mobile N12,000
Linksys N Access Point 4410 N90,000